Tuesday, May 25, 2010

leaving my window open

It has been awhile since I have updated the blog. Not too much has progressed recently, its just the waiting game. Looking for jobs here is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We will find them but its going to take some time. For me it is so hard not to have a direction. Dave and I both crave it. We both don't know what we want to do with our lives. This past week we were talking about both going back to school. Hopefully either a job pops up or a school that sparks our interest. I feel like a yo-yo, going back and forth about what to do. We have all options open to us at this point.

Church is awesome. The series that they have been covering was Proverbs. That book of wisdom never ceases to amaze me, I learn so much every time we dive into it. One thing Dave and I both struggle with is fake Christians. I think that is one reason I really like the Bridge. The pastor is real, he doesn't care if he steps on toes, its refreshing. Fake Christianity is a topic for its own post.

I am trying to get into some hobbies. Fishing has really taken off but I want some that I can do at home. Dave has so many I have to keep up lol. I really want to get into sewing. I love fabrics and it will be fun to see what I can create. I will post pictures when I can. I found this great website that has so many ideas: www.oneprettything.com! I love it! Working out is going to be a hobby that I need to revisit. I was doing so good running and eating healthy before the wedding. Time to step it up.

                            Here are some pics that Dave took of Osky at night

One thing that you will have to get used to about my blog is how random I write. One second I will ramble about one thing and then I post pictures not related to the topic at all, lol .

That is all I have for today. later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fishing & Corn

We went to Bass Pro a few times last week. I am totally decked out in fishing supplies. Ready to catch the record fish of the state! I love going to Bass Pro with Dave and his dad, they are like kids in a candy store. Their eyes light up as they travel down each isle. My favorite find was the cute rain boots, posted in a picture below! I love fishing. Its great being out by the water and enjoying the sunshine. A fun way to hangout with my husband, he is such a great fisherman!! Sunday after church we went out to the pond and caught some large mouth bass and some blue gill. 
Dave with a bass

Dave's Blue gill

My two blue gill. They are weird looking fish!

Being up in Iowa and all, I have decided I will let you see the glorious time of the corn season. I swear everywhere you look corn is planted. I want to keep you posted week by week of what it looks like up here. I guess being from Arkansas things like this just amuse me. I am such a dork!

the flat lands

Dave and I have been thinking a lot lately about what we want to do with our lives. We LOVE helping people and we both want jobs were that is the focus. The thought of being missionaries was thrown around. I guess we will have to see what direction we are lead to go. Right now we are in the process of finding work and a house. Dave had an interview at the local paper, it seems promising that he will get the job. I have to update my resume and start looking around for work. I can't wait to have a house. A place with a yard. There are so many cute houses around here. We are done with apartments they offer no privacy. I hope one pops up soon that we can afford! I guess that is all for now. Happy Wednesday.